Garden Goodies

Garden Candle Holders – these little gems are made from re-used beer bottles, scrap coloured glass and copper foiling techniques. They were fun to make and can be customised! They are mounted on 2.5cm diameter dowel poles and are weather proof for the summer (although these ones do not have drainage…) They look so pretty with lit candles in dotted around the garden during the barbecue!

Fun with Stencils!

Hi there!

While I’ve been away from you I have been playing with style!

Here are some pictures of some stenciling work. Most of the pieces have been formed using two layers of picture glass. One stenciled pattern has been laid down in transparent colours and then a second piece of picture glass placed on top and then a second layer of pattern stenciled on- also in transparent colours. Then the combined pieces are fired in the kiln to just fused. This leaves texture in both the picture glass and the powdered glass.


Also some more on pale grey opaque glass and pink glass mainly as an experiment but I see a future in this… (I love the texture!)


Well, things have been going on here at Giddy Glass. I have been having to learn so much about Websites (guidance welcomed…) But may be not enough yet.

I have been trying to build the Gallery to show off some examples of my work and experimentation. Please take a look and tell me what you think.On the whole the pictures are of work that is not on Etsy (except for the ring beads). So please do check out Etsy for more examples.

I have been preparing much more of the recycled glass work (This necessitated a visit to the pub…ah-hem!)

Wine Glass

This is an unfinished piece made from recycled wine bottles. It’s about 5″ x 6.5″. It s awaiting its cement.

There will be some pictures of more of these projects soon!  Also I have had some commission work which is cooking as I write. Again I’ll show the pictures off as soon as I can.

I have very recently bought a load of different colours of powdered glass for making pictures with. This time in transparent hues so that they can be used on a clear glass base for light catchers and stained glass work or on coloured glass for changing colours!


See you soon!

First blog post

Hello! Welcome to Giddy Glass – My exciting adventure!

Giddy Glass is new and experimenting with it’s world since February 2016. My passion for glass stretches back further though – as far as I can remember.

Called Giddy  Glass because of my love and fascination for many years with glass – coloured or clear. For me being in place a displaying glass (either worked or unworked) is like being a child in a sweet shop. It makes me Giddy!

I work with both cold glass – such as leading, and hot glass  – such as making beads, molding, slumping and fusing. Also I am experimenting with recycled glass in both cold and hot work!

I work from home making smaller pieces but with the new larger kiln, this is expanding – there is so much to learn! I am keen to make commissioned pieces as these provide a challenge. Please see my Gallery and see if anything peaks your imagination! (Gallery being worked on…)

I have been making some pieces which are available to buy on Etsy – by clicking on the MY SHOP tab at the top you can go to the shop for a browse.

There will be photos of my work, ideas and experiments and some stories behind how they come to be.

The picture above is of my second piece of leaded work.

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