leaf1Giddy Glass is new and experimenting with it’s world since February 2016. My passion for glass stretches back further though – as far as I can remember.

I am now based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, but started my hands on adventure whilst living in Cambridge making lampwork beads. I attended stained glass evening classes where I was introduced to the possibilities of staining, fusing and slumping glass. That’s when it took off – the saving up for equipment and materials, the much scavenging of materials where ever I came across them. I was having fun!

Since moving back to Banbury I now have a studio to work in. It is not finished yet but very nearly there – so much so that the cat has moved in pretty much full time!

Called Giddy  Glass because of my love and fascination for many years with glass – coloured or clear. For me being in place a displaying glass (either worked or unworked) is like being a child in a sweet shop. It makes me Giddy!

I work with both cold glass – such as leading, and hot glass  – such as making beads, molding, slumping and fusing. Also I am experimenting with recycled glass in both cold and hot work!

I work from home making smaller pieces but with the new larger kiln, this is expanding – there is so much to learn! I am keen to make commissioned pieces as these provide a challenge. Please see my Gallery and see if anything peaks your imagination! (Gallery being worked on…)

I do sell my work  – by clicking on the MY SHOP tab at the top you can go to either Etsy or the Main Shop for a browse. I also have a stall at Deddington Farmers Market – fourth Saturday of the month and am taking part in Oxfordshire Art Weeks VIRTUAL Festival during May 2020.

There will be photos of my work, ideas and experiments and some stories behind how they come to be.

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