Work Stops For Space Discovery


Hello…. Much happening. As you may know I’ve opened the on line shop. See it Here

I’ve been a bit busy, heads down with some pretty orders – which was fun! Much glass has been warmed up and shape shifted in to beautiful and fun pieces, much glass has been cut and ground and mounted for the light to come through.

When I looked up to find another half completed project – there was the issue. Nowhere to be seen!

So, clear up time but where to start? Where ever I looked there was dis-order and chaos.

I started with the main bench only to realise that the floor was nowhere to be seen. The biggest blockage was the mega stash of bottles for processing. So that has been slimmed down and the bottle bank fed. Above are some pictures of the bench before tidy up and the evicted bottle stash. I hasten to add that about 65% of the bottles stayed (yay!) so recycling will continue…. Oh look! I found some floor…more to follow.

Experimental Texture

Texture, colour and space. I’ve been experimenting. Looking to do more along these lines… Would not hold soup!

The Eccentric Bowl.

These bowls weigh in at 500g (purple) and 550g (blue). Made using a circular dam and carefully cut glass. They have a rougher outside – looking frosted – and are glossy inside. They are eccentric or squint through careful slumping making them look wonderful and very tactile!

The Purple Bowl is a commissioned piece using just three colours of 3mm transparent Bullseye glass: Neo -Lavender, Steel Blue and Light Silver Grey.

The Blue Bowl is a mix of mostly clear glass with as many small bits of every shade of transparent blues that I could lay my hands on!

There are some more pictures in the Gallery, under the Fused and Slumped tab.

Recycled ideas…

Lanterns and a light catcher created from re-worked recycled wine and beer bottles.

The lanterns are not large and ideal for putting a tea light candle in. Their bases are bottle and jar bases.

Doesn’t glass play with light beautifully? These are not on Etsy yet but inquiries and commissions welcome.

The ex-bottles and jars are lovely to work with, they can be unpredictable as to how they break before putting them in the kiln to flatten them but the restricted size of the sheet of glass produced can sometimes suggest the product. The glass also varies in thickness across the sheet so that the light effects become more varied and tactile!

Garden Goodies

Garden Candle Holders – these little gems are made from re-used beer bottles, scrap coloured glass and copper foiling techniques. They were fun to make and can be customised! They are mounted on 2.5cm diameter dowel poles and are weather proof for the summer (although these ones do not have drainage…) They look so pretty with lit candles in dotted around the garden during the barbecue!

Fun with Stencils!

Hi there!

While I’ve been away from you I have been playing with style!

Here are some pictures of some stenciling work. Most of the pieces have been formed using two layers of picture glass. One stenciled pattern has been laid down in transparent colours and then a second piece of picture glass placed on top and then a second layer of pattern stenciled on- also in transparent colours. Then the combined pieces are fired in the kiln to just fused. This leaves texture in both the picture glass and the powdered glass.


Also some more on pale grey opaque glass and pink glass mainly as an experiment but I see a future in this… (I love the texture!)