Work Stops For Space Discovery


Hello…. Much happening. As you may know I’ve opened the on line shop. See it Here

I’ve been a bit busy, heads down with some pretty orders – which was fun! Much glass has been warmed up and shape shifted in to beautiful and fun pieces, much glass has been cut and ground and mounted for the light to come through.

When I looked up to find another half completed project – there was the issue. Nowhere to be seen!

So, clear up time but where to start? Where ever I looked there was dis-order and chaos.

I started with the main bench only to realise that the floor was nowhere to be seen. The biggest blockage was the mega stash of bottles for processing. So that has been slimmed down and the bottle bank fed. Above are some pictures of the bench before tidy up and the evicted bottle stash. I hasten to add that about 65% of the bottles stayed (yay!) so recycling will continue…. Oh look! I found some floor…more to follow.

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