Fun with Stencils!

Hi there!

While I’ve been away from you I have been playing with style!

Here are some pictures of some stenciling work. Most of the pieces have been formed using two layers of picture glass. One stenciled pattern has been laid down in transparent colours and then a second piece of picture glass placed on top and then a second layer of pattern stenciled on- also in transparent colours. Then the combined pieces are fired in the kiln to just fused. This leaves texture in both the picture glass and the powdered glass.


Also some more on pale grey opaque glass and pink glass mainly as an experiment but I see a future in this… (I love the texture!)

2 thoughts on “Fun with Stencils!

  1. Freya’s glass jewelry pieces are unique and of superb quality. Having bought one of her glass doughnut leather necklaces, I have now asked her to design some bespoke glass coasters for our new kitchen…she has been full of great ideas and colour suggestions!


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