First blog post

Hello! Welcome to Giddy Glass – My exciting adventure!

Giddy Glass is new and experimenting with it’s world since February 2016. My passion for glass stretches back further though – as far as I can remember.

Called Giddy  Glass because of my love and fascination for many years with glass Рcoloured or clear. For me being in place a displaying glass (either worked or unworked) is like being a child in a sweet shop. It makes me Giddy!

I work with both cold glass Рsuch as leading, and hot glass  Рsuch as making beads, molding, slumping and fusing. Also I am experimenting with recycled glass in both cold and hot work!

I work from home making smaller pieces but with the new larger kiln, this is expanding – there is so much to learn! I am keen to make commissioned pieces as these provide a challenge. Please see my Gallery and see if anything peaks your imagination! (Gallery being worked on…)

I have been making some pieces which are available to buy on Etsy – by clicking on the MY SHOP tab at the top you can go to the shop for a browse.

There will be photos of my work, ideas and experiments and some stories behind how they come to be.

The picture above is of my second piece of leaded work.

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One thought on “First blog post

  1. Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to owning some of your green men.
    best wishes,
    (Reb’s ma)


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